Greddy Sakura Flower Shift Knob - 75mm

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One of the coolest shift knobs I have seen! Imported direct from Trust/GReddy Japan.

*GReddy Sakura Flower Shift Knob S-size (approx. 75 mm)
*The GReddy Corporate colors are designed with the flowers, and a GReddy logo is incorporated to create something original.
*Each item is handcrafted by craftsmen with a stylish finish.

Dimensions: H75 (down to threads) x W45 (diameter)
Body screw pitch: 12 x 1.25
Conversion Adapters (included): 10 x 1.25, 10 x 1.5, (and 8 x 1.25 Auto)
Includes 5 types of shift pattern decals