Rare Old Logo NISMO Nissan Racing Driver Cat T-Shirt - Large

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*Rare* Old Logo NISMO Nissan x go slow caravan - Racing Driver Cat T-Shirt - Large (SEE SIZE MEASUREMENTS before buying!) - Brand new, unopened from original Nissan packaging.

Easily one of the coolest NISMO/Nissan designs I have ever seen. Extremely limited (and sold out) in Japan. Somebody IN Japan messaged me on IG, asking how I got my hands on this.

"The "Racing Driver Cat" released in Goslow Caravan in the spring of 2023 is back as a mackerel cat version.
A Go Slow Caravan cat wearing a Nissan team racing suit from the late 1980s to early 1990s is printed on the front and back, and the first generation NISMO logo is printed on the sleeve.

Due to how limited this shirt is, I did not remove from the original packaging, in case you preserve, and not wear.
PLEASE REVIEW SIZE measurements before buying, as we do not offer any refunds:

Width: 21.65"
Hem width: 21.65"
Length: 27.17"
Shoulder Width: 18.89"
Cuff Width: 7.48"
"Applicable Dimensions" (per Nissan):
Height - 68.89" - 72.83"
Chest Measurement- 38.58" - 41.73"

The fabric is made of Go Slow Caravan's standard USA cotton jersey material. It has the crispness and softness unique to rice cotton, and is just the right thickness, making it ideal for daily wear."

**NISMO keychains sold separately**

No returns or exchanges, all sales final <3 All orders ship within 24-business hours.